Why You Should Keep At Distance From A Lamborghini Aventador


Recently, the driver of a Ferrari 458 had the experience that only further confirmed it is not a good idea to come close to a fire-breathing Lamborghini Aventador.

Namely, the Lamborghini Aventador is known for making fire. It was only in February 2017 that 5900 Lamborghinis were sent back to the workshop due to fire hazards. That is sufficient to always keep at a sufficient safety distance from a Lamborghini.

post3cThis car, the Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce Roadster, blows minds and breathes fire. Currently, it is one of the fastest vehicles in the world. The title “Superveloce” (superfast) answers many questions and gives you all the information you need to know. The Aventador costs 70,000 euros. For this priceLamborghiniwill provide you with radio, navigation, insulation, carpets, in total 50 kilos. Instead of comfort, there is a strength.


Post3aLess weight, more power, more speed on the circuit. If you want to drive fast and do not ask for the price – this is the car for you. It is about feedback, ease, spontaneity.

Getting aLamborghinigets for more conversational talks than a sweet puppy in the park.

The difference between coupe and roadster? Not yet measurable. Lamborghini drove with the closed version round in 6:59 minutes. The record for road cars is at 6:52 minutes and also comes from Lamborghini. The roadster is currently timeless. It does not drive far behind because the technique is identical.

The Aventador SV Roadster is the first Superveloce-Lamborghini without a roof. So far, the sports car builders converted only closed cars to SV models, most recently the Aventador Coupé. In the roadster, four levers loosen the two roof halves (carbon, 12 kilograms). The parts snap into space under the bonnet after a complicated movement sequence.

Post3bIf you are still not convinced, you should get a Lamborghini than you might want to read our other articles as well! If you can afford it, why not! We only live once and getting a Lamborghini could make your life just so much more worth living. In addition to that, if you would like to give it a test drive, perhaps you could visit our company and take a Lamborghini for a spin.

Test it and buy it – or try some other model

Once you get behind that wheel there is no way you would want to give it back, so you will have to buy it. That is the point of no return for many people who can afford it, and those who can’t continue to dream about affording it one day anyway! So, if you want to make your dreams come true today, Lamborghini might just be the thing you were waiting for. If you cannot decide between a Lamborghini Aventador or other models, perhaps you should take them all for a spin before you decide. But in addition to Aventador, another great Lamborghini model is Spyder, and in our following articles, you will read why!


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