In Italy Even The Police Drives Lamborghinis


As a matter of fact, the Interior Ministry was handed over to the police the new Lamborghini Huracan! The new model will serve the Traffic Police in Bologna for both operational activities for urgent transport of blood and organs. How cool is that! The police in Italy will get to use this superfast car for noble purposes! At the ceremony of presenting the Lambo to the police, in addition to the CEO of Lamborghini Stefano Domenicali, there were Interior Minister Marco Minniti and the police chief Franco Gabrielli. For the occasion the prefect Gabrielli Lamborghini Gallardo 2009 was delivered, specially ornamented with police colors. Currently, the car is at the Lamborghini museum in Sant’Agata Bolognese and will serve as a police car in Rome.

V10 Engine, 610 HP – fast performance for Italian police

Post6aThe Lamborghini Huracan especially delivered to the police department comes in white and blue and is adapted to the dynamic design. Like all the company’s models, the tires are Pirelli P Zero with the colored side in the medium blue police. The car is equipped with a V10 engine aspirated 610 hp, four-wheel drive and in hybrid aluminum chassis and carbon fiber, which guarantees high performance and maximum stability even at high speeds.

The passenger compartment is equipped with the most advanced technological equipment: The equipment consists of an onboard system with tablet, integrated computer, camera, and recording equipment to document what is happening on the road. In addition to that, there is the traditional service equipment: door-weapon, a portable fire extinguisher, radio VHF-Police Ordinance and hooks to the classic red and white paddle to ensure the immobilization of vehicles safely.

Post6bThe fundamental task of the Lamborghini Huracan, which is now with the police, is health care. For this purpose, the car’s front luggage compartment houses a cool box special equipment for the urgent transport of organs for transplants. For the emergency rescue of the people, the equipment includes a defibrillator. All in all, this amazing car will have the rare and unique opportunity to use its velocity for something good. In fact, the velocity of the car could guarantee that faster transplants and better outcomes in cases of emergency. Isn’t that the reason why people should make such cars? Instead of using them to ride around and enjoy the speed.

Post6cDo You Too Have The Need For Speed?

If you as well have the innate need for speed this new Lamborghini model could be yours as well. If you do not mind spending approximately 250 000 euros for a car like this one, you too could be a proud owner of a Lambo. In fact, this amazing car deserves such a high price, when you think about it, this is a rare commodity that is only at the disposal of people who can afford it. To think that one of these great machines was selflessly given away to the police makes the story even more amazing. What is even more amazing is that this car has been properly equipped to make transplants faster, safer and better.

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