Chain Reaction Crash Sends 5 to Hospital

Chain Reaction Crash Sends 5 to Hospital

Port Richey police said a total of five people were transported to area hospitals after a horrific crash in the intersection of U.S. 19 and Ridge Road in Port Richey Thursday afternoon.

A terrible accident resulted in five people being transported to local hospitals where they were treated for injuries. Per the Port Richey police, a chain reaction caused 5 cars to become involved in the episode.

Based on the report the police filed, the accident was set into motion when a driver had a seizure while behind the wheel. The passenger riding with her attempted to control both her vehicle and the woman, but was unable to dislodge the driver’s foot from the gas pedal. The passenger was able to gain control of the steering wheel and guide the car over the median in an attempt to avoid crashing into a row of cars that was stopped and waiting for a red light. The problem was that the trip over the median caused the car to flip.

Crash Scene

“We heard the noise, the loud boom,” witness to the accident, Chris Casto said. “We saw the car had flipped it was in midair it landed on its hood, its top and it slid a couple hundred feet down the road. There was quite a bit of cars involved and to be in the air like that the car he had to be going a pretty good clip.”

While they’re appreciative for witness testimony, the police are also using red light cameras to help them piece the various details together. However since they’re confident that the entire thing was the result of a medical procedure, it’s unlikely any criminal charges will be filed.

The best thing about this accident is that no one died and that it wasn’t caused by a drunk driver, however that doesn’t mean that victims in the 5 car pile-up shouldn’t touch base with a Tampa personal injury lawyer. They should.

At first glance, this entire episode looks like it was just one of those things that couldn’t have been avoided, but it’s possible that if the Tampa personal injury lawyer digs just a little deeper, they’ll learn a thing or two that will be useful to the victims of the crash.

The attorney will try to determine if there was anything that could have been done to the road to prevent the accident from happening, the types of medications the driver who had the seizure was on, and if the driver had a history of seizures or any restrictions on her driving privileges. The attorney will also gather facts to see if all the vehicles were in good shape and if all the safety equipment worked properly to prevent additional injuries.

“Tampa personal injury attorneys work to help victims of tragic accidents recover punitive damages. If you’ve been in an accident, you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries, lost wages, disability, property damage, or even emotional pain and suffering,” said Tampa attorney Marc Yonker.

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