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The company CEO Amber Brown was her whole life interested in cars. When she discovered Lamborghinis as a youngster, we first wanted to make them. As time went by, she has realized that even though she was never going to be able to make them, she can sure as hell sell them! It is how our company first came to be, and since it was established with sensible purchases and sales, we have managed to succeed as a team, and we have grown to be one of the most respected car retail agencies in the USA. Thanks to our luxury cars, we are at the same time one of the most recognized car agencies, the reputation which has kept through the years with carefully planning each step on our path to success. If you are a future proud owner of a sports car or a luxurious Lamborghini, do not forget to contact our offices and our kind and patient employees.


Our CEO - Amber Brown

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Our Best Cars

What are the cars that we are the proudest of in our shop? Find out here!

Lamborghini Diablo


Even though it is not the latest model, our experience has confirmed that Diablo is one of the best-selling Lamborghinis. It is there for the people of unique taste and genuine affection for Lamborghinis.

Lamborghini Spyder


The car of the year is finally in our shop! We can guarantee that Spyder will not let you down! It is not only one of the best cars in the world, but it is also one of our most favorite cars in the shop.

Lamborghini Miura


If you are collecting fast and luxury cars you will appreciate the fact that our shop offers the exquisite Miura. This amazing car will be there for those with unique taste in cars, but also the best taste in cars.